Garden Squares Preservation

What other capital city can match the sheer number and variety of London’s legacy of parks and Garden Squares? These spaces act as the ‘lungs’ that enable London to breathe; providing that internationally-familiar scale and proportion to the townscape. Garden Squares Preservation’s intention is to focus on enhancing the presentation of each Garden Square through working with Garden Committees and even funding the planning and planting of each green space.

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Garden Committees

We can possibly help shoulder part or all of the burden in coping with your administrative responsibilities. Our consultations are entirely free of charge and without obligation.

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What We Do

While many squares are preserved by active Garden Committees, others could benefit from technical and administrative assistance as well as possible funding for the planting and maintenance of trees, landscaping plants and shrubbery.

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Amenity For Residents

Wherever possible, we aim to bring every Garden Square up to its maximum potential, both visually and as a practical amenity for local residents.

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